Wondering Why I Started This Site?

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting Emma’s Home Remedies.

Some things about me - I want to learn about pretty much everything, and I want to know why something works (or doesn't).

When it comes to health, I want to know what natural options exist. My love of books and nature co-mingle to encourage me to look to simple ways to heal.

A quick explanation will usually not do for me.  Not saying that I can accomplish everything I’ve ever heard, seen, or tried - like fixing a car or doing complex math problems or shooting a pistol like a pro - but I believe knowing as much as I can is a wise way to live.  

Since I can’t memorize everything my friends and acquaintances need information on, I decided to create a website dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned about helpful home remedies.

Having been fortunate to see natural remedies help many people, I hope to help many more.

My Credentials

I have a Bachelors in Humanities and a Masters in Library Science.  

Why Humanities? Honestly, I’m not sure other than that I love to learn and Humanities allowed a mix of subjects like no other major. 

And why Library Science?  I wanted to teach Library and a Masters in Library Science is required. 

The excellent training for librarianship has helped me in researching everything from where to live to why certain home remedies are best.  I’m grateful for many reasons to have that degree.

I seek truth about natural remedies and to find truth you have to live it.  The health of my dogs’, myself, and other people has shown great truths to me. I know what has worked and what hasn’t.  And I've seen how this can be oh so very different with each individual!

A proud dog owner since 1999 I’ve been fortunate to have two wonderful dogs thus far. 

My first girl, Morgan, had bad hips that began to really show their stripes by the time she was only 5 years old.  With the skin and skeletal issues she had, she most likely would’ve been gone by 10. (or even much earlier)

That’s if I had continued to feed her junky food and given her - what I believe to be - unnecessary drugs and vaccinations.

Fortunately for me, I met people that started me on a different path of thinking.  Learning about proper species appropriate nutrition and natural remedies was right up my alley.  

With a raw food diet and grain free kibble plus holistic practices that included monthly remedies - such as herbs and homeopathic remedies - I was blessed to have that sweet girl until she was 16 years old.

Now, as I mentioned on the home page, I’m still fortunate to have my Border Collie, Maisie, and you can bet she’s being well taken care of.  Thanks to holistic remedies and proper diet, many people think she is still a young dog.

As for myself, I have seen many improvements in my own health.  The biggest of these is no longer suffering constant sinus infections.  I had them for years and years.  

In fact, before I discovered natural remedies, I had one that progressed to the point where 3 courses back to back of strong antibiotics couldn’t touch it. 

That’s when I started seeking alternative remedies for myself.

Mission for this Website

What a privilege to watch people and dogs with a variety of illnesses progressively get back to true health

From herbs to homeopathy, I’ve investigated what works and what doesn’t.  I continue to study different modalities searching for the most effective home remedies as there’s always more to add to the repertoire.  

Talking with people that believe or at least are willing to experiment as I have and trying new things myself is the best way.

The goal of this website is to help each other with information.

Information gives us the power over our own lives to make informed decisions about how to help our bodies heal.

Empowering ourselves with options is Emma’s Home Remedies’s mission statement because it comes from my heart and experiences in life.  

To achieve health through natural means is a realistic goal. 

The more I learn, the more I am convinced we have everything we need on this earth to help our bodies. 

You have my word that I will continue to work hard to provide quality home remedies here.

With belief in health for all,


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