Protection from Dog Fleas

Many great external options to get rid of dog fleas -  both on the fur and outside the home - are shared here. Whether you use a homemade essential oils mix, spray, shampoo, or collar, these powerful allies will bring relief and put up safe, healthy defenses.

On the previous page, excellent internal home remedies such as a healthy diet, garlic, and herbs are discussed. 

Essential Oils are a Dog's Best Friend

....and a Flea's Natural Enemy.

One Important Rule for Dogs (& all animals):  Dilute!

Before I go any farther, I need to share one very important fact: these strong oils must be dilutedIf used straight from the bottle, the oils can actually hurt dogs but they are oh so very safe if simply diluted in a cold pressed carrier oil.

Remember that our furry friends have incredibly sensitive noses and that these oils have been distilled down to a substance that is very powerful. 

Keep essential oils in the refrigerator.  They are small and they will last a long time.  I also refrigerate any spray that I won’t be using within a few days.

 Use a Carrier Oil - such as One of The Following Oils:

     • almond oil

     • apricot kernel oil 

     • grape seed oil 

     • hazelnut oil

     • jojoba oil

     • olive oil

  • These are just a few examples of good nutty, plant, or vegetable oils. There are others but these are the ones I’ve worked with and trust.
  • Any time  you can get an organic form of oil, do as it’s worth the extra cost.
  • If you would prefer to spray it on - instead of putting diluted drops on here and there - you can mix purified or distilled water, vegetable glycerin, plus the essential oil(s) in a spray bottle. See recipe below.

Dog Flea Repellent Essential Oil List

Essential Oils to Repel Dog Fleas

   ▪ Cedar

   ▪ Cinnamon

   ▪ Citronella

   ▪ Clary Sage

   ▪ Clove

   ▪ Lavender* 

   ▪ Lemon

   ▪ Orange

   ▪ Peppermint

* = very effective on its own

A little advice:  I think it’s best to rotate these oils.  During warm weather - aka flea producing season -  use stronger oils like eucalyptus or pine.  I share about using these oils on the next page. When cooler weather arrives, switch to other oils or options.

Making Powerful Oil Mixes & Sprays

To make an essential oil mix flea repellant:

    • Use 3-5 of the above essential oils (2-5 drops each)

    • 1 oz of base/carrier oil (list above)

Which oils to use?  Whichever smells good to the nose!

   Here are a few great mixes: 

      -citronella, lemon, orange  

      - cedar, cinnamon, clove, lavender

To make an essential oil spray: 

  • 1 teaspoon essential oil - if using more than one should still equal a total of a teaspoon
  • 6 tablespoons vegetable glycerine
  • 3 tablespoons of purified or distilled water
  • shake well

If you want a thicker oil that is great for massaging into fur/onto skin: use coconut oil - it’s solid below 75 degrees. Love that oil for so many things!

How to Use Oil Mix/Spray:

Spray or place some drops on the dog’s neck and back areas lightly for first couple of days so dog(s) can get used to it.  Can then increase but you won’t need a ton because these oils are strong.

Other Uses for These Anti-Flea Mixes

Make that fabric collar into a flea collar - spray your freshly created essential oil or mixes on your dog's current cloth collar or a bandana or other cloth you can tie around his or her neck.

I also spray my anti-flea mix on dog bed/pillow, door thresholds, leashes, and dog brush or comb.

The listed essential oils can be added to shampoos without diluting them first because the shampoo will act as the carrier oil.  Just add a few drops to some shampoo in a separate cup before you wash the dog. 

If you add it to the shampoo and it gets too warm, it can change the smell - in a not so good way - and the oil won’t be as effective.

Be sure to go on to the next page filled with more externally applied natural options.

Download the Remedy Steps and Labels

Click here to download a handout with how-to steps for making these essential oil mixes/sprays and customizable labels.

Internal natural remedies -

  • healthy food 
  • supplements
  • herbs

External tonics -

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