Fight Dog Fleas from the Inside

Healthy Diet = Bad Taste to Fleas 

One of the best ways to repel dog fleas is to feed what I - and many others - have come to believe to be the best species appropriate diet: a raw diet.  

Truly a home remedy for so much of what ails the modern dog, this diet has raw muscle meat, organs, ground bones, and other supplements.  It can be made at home or can be found in the frozen section of most pet food stores. 

I use this type of diet for about a week each month to detox my dog and then sometimes I add in a little bit to her grain free kibble.

Something to think about: Raw diet may not be all that expensive when adding up the costs of more vet visits, medicines - often for skin, weight problems, and supplements .   All  of those expenses are in addition to the cost of food. 

Hmm… Might not be that costly after all.

Since the raw diet is not cheap, many cannot or do not want to feed it so the next best choice is a grain free kibble.  Grain is not in any way natural for dogs whose DNA is still very much like a wolf’s.  

I have heard the argument that human influence on dogs has made them able to eat at least some grains but my experience has shown they do much better without.  

With the introduction of grain-free food, I’ve seen skin conditions clear up, bad breath disappear, and joint problems stop.

Of all the grains, please be sure there is absolutely no corn in the food because so many dogs appear to have corn sensitivity.  

Changing diet alone can act as an excellent home remedy for flea problems because the dog is truly healthier.  If you give the body what it needs and none - or very little - of the fillers  it doesn’t, a dog’s body can heal and function properly

A healthy animal doesn’t attract the insect problems like a sick one does.  I’ve seen this at work with my dogs, chickens, and other farm animals I’ve raised.  

A number of famous animal care givers have shared this knowledge long before my discovery.  I hope my hard learned lesson spares you some time, money, and anxiety.

Helps with that doggie smell too - usually goes away with high quality food! And who isn’t happy about that?  I love my girl but I don’t want to smell her.

I know I’ve gone on a bit long about healthy food and it’s importance but…

it’s important! :)

Fight Dog Fleas with Natural Supplements

First, Some Advice

*Start with one of these and then add a second after making sure that your dog’s system is working fine with the first. 

*Watch: breathing, pulse, whites of eyes, stools, and skin for any problems. 

These anti-flea home remedies are all safe but it’s always best to be observant because just like us sometimes our dogs have unique allergies.

These natural home remedy supplements also make dog fleas not interested in biting our furry friends.

Add Garlic: 

 How many garlic cloves a day?

Studies have found 1 clove a day for every 10-30 pounds a safe alternative treatment for both fleas and internal parasites

  ⁃ Start slowly with 1/4 or less and build up to full amount. 

  ⁃ Adjust to the size of the dog. 

For example, my 50 pound Border Collie eats a total of 1 1/2 cloves a day. I split it into the two meals she gets.

*Cautions: Do not give garlic to dogs with anemia or are about to have surgery.  Do not give if your dog is taking any other kind of blood thinner - natural or man made drug.

Add Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to Water Bowl: 

⁃ 1/2 tsp to 1/2 tbsp for 25 pound/11.34 kg dog

⁃ as with garlic, start with small amount and slowly increase

Add Herbs to the Food Bowl:

  • burdock root
  • red clover 
  • wormwood (makes the blood taste bitter)

 How much should be added?

    Doses for different herbal forms:

  • Capsules: 200mg capsule per 10 pounds
  • Powdered herbs: 2 to 7 teaspoons/10 lbs
  • Tinctures: 5-10 drops/10 lbs
  • Give 2-3 times a day

All of these measurements are based on 10 pounds/4.5 Kg.

So, for example, if your dog weighs 50 lbs you would need to multiply these amounts by 5.

There's many more ways you can protect your dog and your home. Look on my other dog flea home remedy pages linked to below.

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