Got Dog Fleas?  Here's Help.

An invasion of dog fleas isn’t the topic we want on the tip of our tongue at a family gathering or over coffee with a friend but …

...when we own a dog, these nasty insects become the problem to find a solution to and quickly. 

We’ve all experienced it - the “my dog just scratched” cringe.

Then the thoughts start racing: was that an itch due to dry skin, a bug bite, or an evil flea?

And so begins the search through fur, to see what is the cause.

Here are a multitude of great home remedies for dog fleas.

We can keep away these unwelcome “guests” that would love to take up residence on our best friend.

First Rule: Vigilance with Diligence

Want a vacation from fighting dog fleas?

Nope.  Sorry.  Can’t happen!

Not if we want to do it with natural home remedies. 

Here’s the good news: these methods are so effective that they easily become part of life but most importantly, they don’t expose us or our loved ones - human and furry - to chemical laden collars, shampoos, powders or bug bombs.  Just the name “bomb” alone tells you what it does to the environment it’s used in: Destruction.  Yuck.

We have to adopt daily and weekly routines of using home remedies that break the flea life cycle by:

  • checking our pets for evidence of fleas
  • washing their bedding
  • using natural remedies to keep fleas away:

            * internally - add supplements

            * externally - use essential oils  and other natural tonics

Remember that these blood sucking pests can bring diseases or tapeworms, and create allergic reactions.

This battle is worth our time and effort.

Second Rule: Observe Your Dog

*Simply pay attention: watch for fleas or their telltale signs - tiny white eggs that look like dandruff specks or black particles that are actually dried blood.  I know it's gross, but … has to be done.

*As with any treatment, watch your dog for reactions -  on his skin, change of smell and especially bowel movements- if they suddenly have diarrhea or have difficulty going - try less of the remedy and go slowly.  If they continue to have problems for another day, then move on to another option as there are many and there’s no need to stress the dog’s system.

*Use these natural options before any trouble starts so fleas won’t get a foothold in your life.

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  • healthy food 
  • supplements
  • herbs

External tonics -

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