Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:
Emotional and Mental Aspects

Why look at the emotional and mental aspects of erectile dysfunction treatment?

It is important to look at your feelings about this frustrating problem.  Emotions are powerful.  They can make us feel like we can conquer the world or like a squashed bug.

If you have been hurt by feeling frustrated or less masculine because of erection problems, the pain can run deep.  Deep enough to hurt your very cells. 

You might find it necessary to either forgive yourself or someone who offended your sexuality - or both! 

An insightful friend of mine pointed out that, in a partnership, both people need to take responsibility for a healthy sexual relationship.  An honest talk or two or three may be needed to clear up any misunderstandings.

Life Changing Choices

To hold on to negative emotions doesn’t help at all so think about using prayer or meditation and choosing to control those negative thoughts.   

Realize when the negative thoughts/feelings show themselves, you have to thoughtfully and intentionally change your thoughts to positive ones.  

Sounds like a ridiculously simple idea that is nearly impossible, doesn't it?

But, I speak from the heart, and from experience, to encourage you:  practice will make it actually happen!

Be sure to pay attention to the next very important statement about erectile dysfunction treatment to promote healing emotions and thoughts: 

Controlling the mind - which by the way controls the release of either healthy or stress chemicals/hormones - makes a huge difference. 

We each choose which hormones get released.  We need to choose wisely. 

And, yes, this CAN be done!

How a Life Lesson Made This Truth Clear

Can I share how I learned this lesson in a frightening way?

I’ve lived this need to control my mind and emotions. (I’m sure there’s a lot of us that have.)

I was swimming back after rescuing my nephew from nearly drowning and I was so exhausted that I didn’t think I was going to make it back to shore alive myself.  

My muscles didn’t want to work and my body felt weak.   I began to get scared because I didn’t have any energy left to swim back. 

I swallowed some water and glanced toward land to see how much farther I had to go. Terror began to set in. I realized I might not make it back.

Safety was too far away.

The former lifeguard in me took over.  I told myself to stop thinking negatively.  To take my time. 

I reminded myself to float on my back when needed to catch my breath then swim when I could.  There was no need to rush.  

Since I’m writing this guess what happened?  Yup, I survived...

    but only because I chose to take control.

You're Stronger Than You Know

Our will to survive is a strong one.  A very basic instinct.  We need to draw on that and use it a lot more than we do!  

Not in a fear based way but in a way that acknowledges that we have within us to do what is right for ourselves. 

Intentionally choose those powerful thoughts and emotions that are helpful and healing instead of hurtful.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for Emotional and Mental Aspects

Bach Flowers are wonderfully effective and natural. These natural remedies should be in every home remedies kit.  They are available online and in many grocery or health food stores.

For a particular stress/feeling you have, use Bach Flower Remedies

Take 3-4 drops – 3x a day for as long as you need   

  • Feeling dislike toward sex: Crab Apple
  • Afraid of having sex: Mimulus, Larch
  • Over-excited: Vervain, Impatiens
  • Dominant: Vine
  • Lack of interest: Clematis, Olive, Hornbeam, Wild Rose
  • Feelings of shame: Crab Apple, Pine
  • Fear of loss of control: Cherry Plum
  • Mental block of sexual origin; repression: Hibiscus
  • Feelings of guilt for wanting sex: Pine
  • Performance anxiety or perfectionist: Rock Water
  • Critical life changes/transitions: Walnut
  • A general sense of fear, stress or anxiety: Rescue Remedy 

If interested in learning more about Dr. Edward Bach and why he developed these natural remedies, read a short biography about him. His books can be downloaded for free here

The effort to free yourself of negative thoughts and emotions will pay dividends and quickly if you take the time to care for yourself in these areas that might seem insignificant. 

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