Erectile Dysfunction Treatment  Physical Remedies

These erectile dysfunction treatments focus on what you can do to help your body be physically healthier.  

From reset points to proper nutrition and exercise, there are many options for what you can do to cure the causes leading to this frustrating problem.

Important Reset Points

A great erectile dysfunction treatment is to make sure the thyroid and muscles of the body are working.  

Just as there are reset buttons for our phones and tablets, there are reset points for the body.

Special points on the body can help strengthen or reset an area.

To make sure the thyroid is working properly: (if hypothyroidism is a problem it can be a factor in erectile dysfunction.)

  • Using your fingertips brush down the center of your throat from the top of it to the bottom (gently over windpipe). 
  • Do this 12 times, 2 times a day.

For the muscles in your body:

  • Sit on a chair facing the wall or an object you can put your feet up on.
  • Extend your legs out.
  • Hold the spot just below your calves for at least a minute. 
  • For me, the easiest way to find this spot is to start by the ankles and run my hand along the fibula (bone in the back of the leg) until I find the calves.
  • The spot is right in the middle of the fibula where it meets the calves. It’s a little indentation or hollow spot there.
  • If you have pain, hold these reset spots until the pain stops.

Significant Choices to Make

There are many physical factors you can adjust and that make a huge difference in erectile dysfunction treatment.

Focus on having healthy eating habits, stress relieving exercise, and rejuvenating rest.

This is commonsense but needs to be said because your body can only do what you ask of it, if you are providing it with the best food, activities, and sleep.  


Everything you eat affects your body.  Keep that in mind as you choose what to drink or eat. You probably well know the logic of this so I won’t “preach” to you. :)

Change this if you need to – you will feel so much better.  

Most of all: eat as much organic as you can afford. Pesticides and genetically modified food are continually being found to be the source of many health problems. 

I always say it’s better to pay now for healthy food then later for doctor or hospital visits!  

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and to help cleanse your body. 


If you have recently gained weight or are overweight, work to lose that weight as the heart and blood vessels that lead to the groin could use the extra help.

Check to see if you have diabetes because some studies have shown this to be a factor. 

Find a way to release the tension that life brings.  Whether it's walking or swimming or whatever makes you feel good, fit it in. If you take care of yourself as best you can, you will have energy to do what you want and need to do.


Studies continually show that many men are sleep deprived.  Make it a point to take care of yourself in this very important area.  Lack of sleep leads to a long, long list of heath problems including erectile dysfunction and heart attacks.

Too Much?

Reconsider use of any of these: prescription drugs, recreational drugs, smoking, or alcohol.  

Personally, I think a little wine to relax or a cool beer on a hot day is a great thing but we know in our heart if we are drinking too much for our body.  

Not sure?  Stop for a few days and that’ll tell a lot about how the body is being affected.   

Help Those Pelvic Muscles

Last, but definitely not least, do kegel exercises.

These will strengthen your pelvic muscles and help many things including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 

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