Is There a Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

The short and wonderful answer is yes.  And there are many erectile dysfunction treatments, not just one.

We see and hear a lot of about this problem in the media.

More importantly or curiously is what we don’t hear about - the emotional, personal, and relational consequences.  Nor do we hear about other options besides popping a pill (and the possible side effects that go with that).

Some Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

What is it?

It is when a man cannot get or keep an erection long enough for sex.

Why does it happen?

A lot of factors go into the complex process of arousal:  muscles, nerves, blood vessels, hormones, and emotions.  If any of these are not working properly, achieving an erection is difficult.

When is it a problem?

Having the inability to have an erection now and then is not when this is a concern - stress or exhaustion commonly cause this at some point for most men. 

However, when the struggle to do so occurs on a regular basis, it needs to be addressed.

While this is a setback no man wants to have to face, it is a reality for possibly as many as 50% of men ages 40 - 70.   

Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options 

Encouraging news:  This problem doesn’t have to continue.

The next step is to educate yourself about the erectile dysfunction treatment choices.

Look at the categories below to see the many options you have to change this problem.

Covering all three areas - physical, emotional/mental and herbal/homeopathic - by using one from each is the goal but...

I’d recommend beginning with one that is appealing in its simplicity.  

For all of us, if a home remedy seems “do-able”, that is half the battle.

  1. Know that the human body can heal if given help with these physical remedies.  This page covers: reset points on the body that will assist healing, and taking proper care of yourself.  Don't forget the pelvic muscles by learning to do kegel exercises.
  2. Make emotional and mental aspects a priority as these truly are important for progress.  What we think and feel has a huge impact on our health.  Negative thoughts or feelings can be tough to fight but not at all impossible.  Here are effective ways to combat them.
  3. Herbal and homeopathic remedies are powerful natural remedies that promote changes needed to heal internally.  Herbs and homeopathics assist the body in recovering from the stresses or lack of health that cause erectile dysfunction.

Continue to the page that appeals to you most to decide what to learn about first and…

        if I can request one favor?

Believe that you can make a huge difference by using these home remedies.

Step out and follow your commonsense that says there are empowering options to take back your sexuality in a way that works with your body.

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