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The About page includes my journey of seeking home and natural remedies to empower us and these people are a part of it as I was fortunate to assist them.

These testimonials are included to give an idea of the level of health that can be achieved through consistent work using natural remedies.  

Please note that I say consistent work because true health doesn’t happen with hit or miss effort.  We all see this with any projects we take on such as home upkeep or dog training.

Holistically speaking, if a body is balanced or just slightly off, it can tackle any problems that come up on its own or with some home remedies.

Struggle to Get Pregnant

My husband and I tried to start a family soon after we were married.  After months of trying, we saw a fertility clinic.  

We both had extensive blood work and both of us had normal testing results, and were told we had unexplained infertility.  We tried months of different pills, injectable shots, progesterone supplements, IUIs, endless blood work and ultrasound appointments, and even a laparoscopic surgical procedure to explore what might not be right internally.  

This went on for about 2 years.  Emma knew the struggle we were going through, and urged me to try a homeopathic approach.  Well, only a month after taking the remedy, we were pregnant and now have a healthy 2 1/2 year old boy!  

Wanting to give our son a sibling, we tried to expand our family.  Technically, we had been trying on our own for a year with no success.  Five months ago, we returned to the fertility clinic.  We tried five cycles of injectables combined with IUIs, and had no success.  I decided to try Emma’s suggested remedy and low and behold, the month I started taking it, we were pregnant again!  It is truly unbelievable and definitely not a coincidence! 

~ Elizabeth

Dog’s Tumor 

I first started consulting Emma when I was completely at a loss for what to do for my sick little pug. 

My dog Ivy had been through so much. She had a virus known as HGE that she almost didn't survive from and sadly her pug sister who also had it didn't survive. Then she went on to form bumps on her body that the vet diagnosed as cancerous. She had surgery to remove two of them, but within only a month, another bump appeared. 

I was devastated, but thankfully a friend suggested taking Ivy to see Emma. And that's just what I did. In a week of being taken care of by Emma, that bump had almost completely disappeared! 

I continued to work with Emma for Ivy and then eventually for myself, and every single time something came up in either my dog or myself, Emma would get to work at getting us back up to par. 

My dog has never been healthier. I don't know if she'd be here today without the expertise and love that Emma supplied. I am forever grateful!! 

- Sandy

Spring Allergies

I've had terrible spring allergies most of my life.  I used to have to take antihistamines for months, plus get a 6 week shot. 

Emma suggested a homeopathic remedy two springs ago (2014). I cannot believe how much it helped! No shots for 2 years, and I only took a third of the pills I usually do. And the severity of my attacks were at least 80 percent less.

- J.D.

Embarrassing Warts

I had first heard of Emma through a close friend who told me about her holistic advice. I had a serious wart problem that I had been dealing with for roughly 8 years. None of the traditional remedies were ever successful so I decided to give Emma a try. She was my last hope. 

Upon meeting her for the first time, I felt very comfortable talking with her about my embarrassing problem. Though, I didn't fully understand holistic remedies, I noticed an amazing change within a short period of time. 

After just a few different remedies, you would have never known I had such a serious problem. She had also helped with several other issues ranging from physical to mental ailments that have since turned out well. Thanks to Emma, I have become healthier in more than one way. :)

- Anna

Asthma and Voice Difficulty

When Emma told me about holistic remedies, I had been having problems with my voice breaking up for about 20 years.  Also, I had struggled with asthma since I was 13.  I figured I had nothing to lose as I had tried and quit the medicines my doctor wanted me to use as the side effects concerned me.

After four months of using different remedies, I started to feel better and after 8 months my asthma completely disappeared.  My doctor told me it was in “remission” but it has never returned.   

In the very beginning (2005), I was skeptical but that proved to me that holistic was the way to go.

- Tom

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